Game Development for Smart Phones Based on Local Heritage

Oras F. Baker, Kasthuri Subaramaniam, Gayathri Megeswaran, Aloysius Akpanobong


The market for mobile games is expanding rapidly, and several games market in the advanced world are booming with sales, that has led us to the use of latest tools for mobile application development to modify and  enhance an existing and traditional game to make it available for mobile users, Congkak game is developed for the latest mobile phones in the market. This version has been modified to an eight holes, one store, and one player game for a start. Each player  hole contains four seeds, which are sown continuously until the seeds are exhausted. The main objectives of the game are: to make it available for mobile phones as well as extend/modify the games’ functionality. Major development tools used were the Sony Ericsson KToolBar, Netbeans IDE, Scite text editor, and Adobe Photoshop. UML class diagrams have also been modeled for the classes. The programming language used in this game development is java, programming in the micro edition platform (J2ME).


Mobile Computing; Game development

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Published by INSIGHT - Indonesian Society for Knowledge and Human Development