Static Knowledge-Based Authentication Mechanism for Hadoop Distributed Platform using Kerberos

Thoyazan Sultan Algaradi, Rama B


With the quickened phenomenal expansion of data, storing massive data has become important and increasingly growing day by day. Thus, big data came to express this large data and handling it properly under three important characteristics such as volume, veracity, and Variety. One practical of big data problems is user and services authentication. Kerberos v5 protocol provided a new solution to such this problem in the Hadoop-distributed platform (HDP). In this paper, we suggest a credible scheme by adding one more level of protection and authentication security to the Kerberos v5 protocol by using a static knowledge-based authentication (SKBA). Where in the login and verification phase by using Kerberos protocol, the KDC will replay with a question to the user-side to check the actual presence of user which the user already answered this question in his registration phase. Our credible scheme is useful in case of capturing messages that enable an eavesdropper to get the ticket that allows getting access to the HDFS as well as to avoid the common attacks with less computation, communication and storage cost. The proposed scheme works seriously and strictly to ensure the registration by delivery of user information over an insecure network in a safe manner and store this information in the KDC-database to be used later for getting access with HDFS.


authentication protocol; kerberos; hadoop distributed file system; static based knowledge; big data.

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