The Potency Of Chanthidermismaculates Fish For Surimi Production

Fahrizal Fahrizal, Rini Ariani B, Normalina Arpi, Novi Safriani, Dewi Setiawati


The aim of this study was to explore the potency of Chanthidermis maculates fish (spotted oceanic triggerfish) for surimi production. The effect of washing frequency (one or two washing cycle) and sucrose concentration (0, 2, 4, and 6%) as cryoprotectant on the quality of the surimi was investigated. The analyzed parameters in the study consisted of yield, moisture, protein, ash and fat contents, pH value, folding and sensory evaluation test (color and texture). The results showed that the best treatment in this study based on the protein content, folding and sensory test was obtained from the combination of treatment with no addition of sucrose and one washing cycle. That treatment resulted surimi with the yield of 80.62%, moisture, protein, ash, and fat contents of 71.47%, 20,88%, 0.61%, and 2.34%, respectively, and pH of 6.37%, folding test of 3.00, and color sensory test of 5.12 (light cream), texture of 3.75 (elastic).


Surimi; Chanthidermis maculates fish; washing frequency; sucrose concentration

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