Development and Evaluation of Solar-Powered Instrument for Hydroponic System in Limapuluh Kota, Indonesia.

Perdana Putera, Sri Aulia Novita, Indra Laksmana, Muhammad Imran Hamid, Syafii Syafii


This solar-powered instrument utilized in plant cultivation in hydroponic system was developed to minimize operational cost, to maintain continuity of electrical source and to release dependency from electric utility. The instrument consist of solar tracker to adjust photovoltaic panel position, aquarium pump to distribute the nutrition, humidity and temperature meter to measure humidity and temperature, respectively. To support the function of this instrument 40 watt energy should be provided per hour in average. Following power measurement conducted in 50 Kota, 200WP of solar panel will produce roughly 70 watt at peak hour. The solar energy is stored to a couple of 100AH deep cycle battery, Arduino board microcontroller as brain of the system plays roles to control dc motor and timer and to calculate data signal from RTC, humidity and temperature sensor. The data are then sent to LCD matrix 2x16 which will display the measurement. This instrument is expected to be used by hydroponics farmer in remote area.


Solar-powered instrument; Hydroponics system; photovoltaic

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Published by INSIGHT - Indonesian Society for Knowledge and Human Development