Selection and Semi-Dwarf Allele Mutants Segregation Pattern as the Result of Gamma Ray Irradiation of West Sumatera Black Rice

Benny Warman, Irfan Suliansyah, Etty Swasti, Auzar Syarif, Hendra Alfi


Black rice is a local rice originating from East Pasaman which has a low yield potential, long panicles, too high of longevity and plant height and soeasily fall. To reduce  plant height has been irradiated rice seedsas much as 200 grams of black rice with a dose of 200 Gy of gamma rays. This study aimed to obtain information about the frequency of mutant semi-dwarf/dwarf and segregation patterns in mutant alleles black rice as the genetic improvement of West Sumatra local rice through mutation induction.  From the selection of the M2 generation gained 31 candidates dwarf/semi dwarf mutant frequency of 0.062%. also obtained information that the segregation of alleles that make up the character ofthe semi dwarf/dwarf rodon rice mutant semi dwarf/dwarf trunked together with the distribution pattern of segregation according to Mendel's Law. On the character of the semi-dwarf/dwarf stem is influenced by one or two groups of alleles, where one of the alleles controlling the properties of semi-dwarf/dwarf stem, while the other controls the high stemproperties. Alleles from each group are in a locus that its chromosomes separate.It is evident that the semi-dwarf/dwarf on the mutant is occured due to one or more alleles is dominant on the high stem properties controlling alleles group toward the recessive.


Selection; Segregation; Dwarf and Semi Dwarf Mutant; Genetic Improvement; Mutation Induction

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