Influence of Parameters on Usability Attributes in Software Projects

Kshama Paithankar, Maya Ingle


To attain certain level of usability, a variety of criteria may be used related to a software project. These criteria are involved with intent of driving various factors associated with software development. These criteria are termed as project parameters. It has been observed that these parameters may influence different attributes associated with software projects thereby indulge with the same instinct for usability attributes also. However, the involvement of these parameters may be mounded in such a way that may lead to characterize the projects more specifically in usability perspective. For the same reason, it is needed to provide measures for characterizing projects. Therefore, an empirical method is proposed for estimation of influence of project parameters on associated usability attributes in a software project in this paper. It will provide quantitative measures related to software projects which in turn will be useful for ranking usability attributes. Usability measurement may also be performed subsequently.


Usability; Usability Attributes; Project; Project Parameters; Project Influence

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