Analysis of Dual Phase Dual Stage Boost Converter for Photovoltaic Applications

Suraj S, Jijesh J J, Sarun Soman


In the previous two decades, the depletion of fossil fuels has led to applications with renewable energy sources. The approach for renewable energy application is to achieve eminent static boost ratio from with miniaturized ripple content in both current and voltage. The novel converter discussed in this paper is derived by combining the concept of interleaving and cascading of boost converters. The presented design has a dual phase boost converter followed by a stage of boost converter which as a whole acts like dual phase dual stage boost converter. The interleaving concept is utilized in dual phase boost converter to reduce the voltage current stress created in boosting process and its output is boosted by the dual stage boost converter which improves overall efficiency with respect to the existing systems. The converter is designed for a power rating of 200W with output voltage of 192V for an input voltage of 12V obtained from photovoltaic source at a switching frequency of 50KHz this illustrate the advantages over other existing converters . The different parameters of the proposed boost converter are contrasted with that of a conventional boost converter. Furthermore, the simulations results of the proposed converter are presented to validate the system design. The results exhibit that this converter achieves a predominant performance over other dc-dc boost converters by offering improved efficiency and voltage gain, while having lower input current ripple.


Dual Phase; Dual Stage; Voltage Ripple;Current Ripple

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