Analysis Level Of Utilization Information And Communication Technology With The Competency Level Of Extension Workers

Veronice Veronice


Extension placed man as the subject of development and human capital to develop into independent and empowered (dignity) in adapting to the environment, thus being able to improve the quality of life for themselves, their families and communities. It is therefore necessary professional competence standard extension clear and effective controls in carrying counseling profession domination supported by Information and Communication Technology (ICT). This research aimed to analyze the relationship between the level of competency with the level of ICT use by the extension workers. The study was designed as a descriptive survey research correlational ,which was observed by quantitative analysis approach that is supported by descriptive and inferential statistic analysis. The study was conducted in Bogor Regency,West Java Province. Based on this research can be concluded  level of ICT utilization in the range of aspects related resources are very real to the competence of extension on the capability of understanding the potential of the region, entrepreneurial ability and the ability of the system guides the network, while the variation of the material aspects of counseling and a variety of related information is very real with all levels of competence extension.


competence, extension workers, information and communication technology

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