SWOT : Secure Wireless Object Tracking with Key Renewal Mechanism for Indoor Wireless Sensor Network

Rafina Destiarti A, Prima Kristalina, Amang Sudarsono


Tracking system is one of concerning issue in wireless sensor network (WSN) application. The accuracy of the location estimation from nodes is important parameter in tracking system. However, many various attacks try to manipulate the estimated location or try to provide false nodes data transmission. The secure and privacy data sharing of the estimation is also become another priority in WSN. Hence, this paper focuses on employing secure wireless object tracking (SWOT) system which is added by the reliable method in privacy data sharing. By proposing the transmission system based cryptographic mechanism, some parameter data that are required in estimated calculation such as RSSI, coordinates, pathloss exponent (PLE), and estimated distance will be hidden using encryption process. Due to the limited computational device, we propose security scheme without raising computational capability. Layered encryption using AES 128, RSA 2048, MD5 and SHA-1 provide high performance authentication and data encryption services for each nodes. Implementing mobile cooperative tracking scenario refers to previous work, the proposed security scheme is efficient in terms of processing time which could not influenced to the estimated location accuracy. Moreover, the authentication protocol which is adopted from one time password scenario can apply the key renewal mechanism for AES 128 and MD5 algorithm. The experimental results show that SWOT system achieves 75.95 ms processing time using Raspberry Pi devices including trilateration algorithm and security process. Meanwhile, PC server consumes around 82.7 ms for decrypting, calculating and showing the estimated position by modified iterated extended Kalman filter (IEKF) algorithm.


SWOT System; WSN; Privacy data sharing; Key Renewal; Raspberry Pi.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18517/ijaseit.8.2.5268


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