Introduction to Supreme Number (Part 1)

Nachimani Charde, Komalavali Dharmalingam


Mathematical world is always wonderful, amazing, and meaningful. It was made of varieties of analysis and domains. To date, it helps to improve many branches of science and technology. Although the current domains or branches are marvellous, the natural numbers are the base for all the mathematics. Great mathematicians in history had an idea that there must be a special one (supreme number) controls the numbers' theory; either directly or indirectly. This idea initiated me to analyze the numbers theory and consequently a number was identified with supreme qualities.  Hence a computing tool (digit summed) was introduced at first, and then analyzed. Later it was compared with the famous mathematical approaches as to find a link between them. How does the supreme number influence mathematical approaches? This is the proving part of this research which has been checked with famous mathematics. I was surprised that most of the mathematics was influenced by one of the natural numbers. The assumption of old mathematicians is correct then. It was the most weighted number in the natural numbers. Yes, it is the nine (9) which had the supreme qualities and most of today's mathematics are directly and also indirectly have a relationship with it when digit-summed method is used. Eventually any results of numbers of mathematical world can be categorized into four as Supreme Numbers, NoneSupreme Numbers, Ordered-Supreme Numbers and Random-Supreme Number.


supreme number; numbers theory; number nine

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