Analysis the Oil Palm Land which can be Converted Into Paddy Fields in Irrigated Areas of Batang Tongar

Delvi Yanti, Eri Gas Ekaputra, Roland Asmoro


An increasing number of shift functions of agricultural land into non-farming land, as well as the increasing development of the palm oil plantation area makes food program resilience increasingly difficult to be realized. Fields shift function also occurs in West Pasaman, which is still producing paddy fields converted into plantation. This research aims to analyze the oil palm land which can be converted into paddy fields. The confirmation of oil palm land which can be converted into paddy fields performed by some indicator, such as commitment, physical condition, the range of irrigation water, institutional and the width of the area. Based on the results of the analysis, the  recommended oil palm area that can be converted into paddy fields in irrigated areas of Batang Tongar is 2.451 ha (73%) and not recommended area is 540 ha (27%). The unrecommended area caused by uncommitment farmer who change their oil palm area in paddy field and the farmer field which is irrigated in damaged condition so the water cannot be flow into the field.


field potential; area convertion; Batang Tongar irrigation

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