Gambier : Indonesia Leading Commodities in The Past

Hamda Fauza


Gambier is one of Indonesia's small holder plantation commodities with a high economic value and has a commercial prospective for the future regard to the various usefulness. Gambier terms, in addition, to use as the name of the plant, is also the trade name of the product produced by the plant, extract of the leaves and young branches of the gambier plant.  In Indonesia, gambier have been subsisted in a golden era and be the prominent commodity.  In the early 19th century, gambier has become one of the commodities traded in Europe.  After World War II, gambier is no longer an important export products that are traded in the international market.  Further, development of gambier plantations in Indonesia are not so obvious information.  At this time in Indonesia, West Sumatra is the center of gambier production, moreover gambier also called as a specific plants of West Sumatra.  Mostly, gambier is produced by small home industries with the traditional tools and use more human labor.  Gambier is cultivated and processed in a unique method, therefore, gambier plant development become complicated. However, gambier development in Indonesia especially in West Sumatera for the future is still promising, considering its various usefulness and the role of Indonesia as the world's major producer.  Along with to the all contributing factors, there are numerous challenges and obstacles in the development for various aspects of this commodity.  Furthermore, intense participation from the stakeholders; government, farmers, researchers, investors, and traders in management ranging from farming techniques, processing, trade, and institutions are necessary. Thus, it could be expected, gambier would be turn around as a foremost commodity in the future.


gambier, uncaria, cathecine, West Sumatra

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