Phenophyology Studiesin Efforts Produced Off Season Citrus (Citrus nobilis var, microcarpa)

Sulistiawati N. P. A, Rai I. N, Santosa IGN, Astarini I. A


Catur Village, Kintamani District, is the main siam citrus producer region in Bali, Indonesia.  However, fruit production seasonal and fluctuate within a year.  High production season, or on season is around June - August, while off season period is in December – January.  Fluctuation in production makes it difficult to reach modern market that required for continuous supply. There is also a big demand for this fruit for local markets, in particular during festive celebration. It is therefore an urgent need to provide continuous supply of the fruit. Physiological manipulation of flowering in citrus is necessary, so that the balance of supply and demand of citrus fruit in the longer time span can be obtained. Theaim of this research was to study the physiology of flowering in citrus in an effort to obtain citrus fruit out of season. Targetedresult is to find out developmental phase and morphological changes of flower initiation to fruit formation, and able to formulate technology that can be applied in the effort to obtain flower and produce fruit of siam citrus off season, at Catur Village, Kintamani District. Bangli Regency, starting in February until November 2014


off-season, on-season, flowering, citruss

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Published by INSIGHT - Indonesian Society for Knowledge and Human Development