A Simple Purification Method of Catechin from Gambier

Norman Ferdinal


Isolation of catechin gambier has been done by maceration using methanol, then treated with water. For purification using ethyl acetate-Hexana with only one repetition time, this is a much simpler way than previous studies. The result catechins weighing 9.594 g from 21,997 g of dirty catechins, with TL = 175.5 to 177.2 ° C, the maximum wavelength of 280.10 nm by UV spectroscopy and the presence of OH groups, stretching C-O, C = C aromatic and  alkane CH stretching, followed by CH2 bend by IR spectroscopy.


gambier, isolation, catechin

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18517/ijaseit.4.6.460


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Published by INSIGHT - Indonesian Society for Knowledge and Human Development