Regional Plannning Strategic of Irrigated Agricultural Land Convertion by Considering to The Irrigation System (Case Study : Cihea Irrigation System of Cianjur)

Endang Purnama Dewi, M.Yanuar J Purwanto, Asep Sapei


Regional development is targeted to make better growth in the rural area, by improving farmer’s welfare and minimizing the gap among the regions. In particular, the developement aims to increase farmers income percapita as an income indicators of developement in rural area. In the irrigation area, the regional development  can also increase the domestic revenue by providing value added program in this region. The existing regional plan (RTRW) of  Cianjur in 2013 –2031 a part of the study area (Cihea irrigation system) are planned to be converted in to  industrial area, it reaches 4209.903 ha. This research aims to provide an irrigation system based developement strategy for guiding to the implementation of the RTRW. In the irrigation system, there are water resources and agricultural activities, mostly in food comodities. These resources will be considered in the study in order to achieve the target of rural development as for the implemention of RTRW. In this research, it analyzed suply and demand of irrigation, based on water balance calculation and farm production, the prospective industrial area in the region for processing the  raw product of farming. As the result, The agricultural land convertion should be targeted into processing plant for rice and soy. By these scenarios, the water resources were able to irrigate area of 5484  ha with cropping pattern of rice-rice -secondary foodcrop as the minimum discharge occured in September its about 0.553 m3/second. The total production of this raw agricultural product  can be processed to rice snack and cereal beisde of rice, thus being able to gave rise in income of farmer to Rp2 461 706,- per planting season.based on spatial analyze, the area which is can be developed are Ciranjang, Sukaratu, Sindangjaya, Mekargalih, Bojongpicung, Kertajaya, dan Cibiuk.


regional developement,converted land, irrigation of cihea, percapita income

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