Spatial and Temporal Analysis of Water Quality Parameter using Sentinel-2A Data; Case Study: Lake Matano and Towuti

Lalu Muhamad Jaelani, Rossita Yuli Ratnaningsih


Lakes are very important for human life in term of ecology and hydrology as the sources of fresh water, ecosystem of aquatic life and control system to the local micro climate. Lake Matano and Towuti in South Sulawesi Province are two of 15 priority lakes in Indonesia that need to be preserved from degradation. For preservation purposes, a routine water quality monitoring from satellite is needed. Currently, there are many satellite images that can be used for extracting water quality parameters such as TSS, Chl-a and CDOM. In this research, we implemented the use of medium resolution optical satellite image to extract more detail information from lake waters. We have processed remotely sensed data acquired by Sentinal 2 sensor to obtain these water quality parameters. The result showed that water quality in Lake Matano and Towuti were in healthy condition with TSS, Chl-a and CDOM ranged from 1 - 60 mg/m3 , 0-2.3 mg/m3 and 0.010 -0.170 m-1, respectively.


TSS; Chl-a; CDOM; water quality

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