Studies on Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) Adaptability in The Province of West Sumatera, Indonesia

Irawati Chaniago, Irfan Suliansyah, Musliar Kasim, Reflinaldon Reflinaldon


Investigations were conducted at nine locations with elevation ranging from 570 to 1616 m above sea level in the Province of West Sumatera, Indonesia to evaluate the performance of some wheat genotypes originated from Slovak Republic. The experiments had been conducted from July to December 2011.  The treatment consisted of 12 genotypes of Slovakian wheats (SO-1, SO-2, SO-3, SO-4, SO-5, SO-6, SO-7, SO-8, SO-9, SO-10, IS-Jarissa, and IS-1247) together with two wheat genotype of Indonesian origin (Nias and Dewata).  The experimental units were arranged in a Completely Randomized Block Design with three replicates. Results indicated that most wheat genotypes exhibited similar characters examined while few others exhibited superior characters.  Genotype Dewata had superior grain yield compared to the other genotypes.   Some genotypes of Slovakian wheat (SO-3, SO-8, SO-9, dan SO-10) have good potentials in the following variables of time to heading, time to harvest, number of productive tillers, number of seeds per earing, seed weight per earing, and yield.


Wheat, adaptability; Slovak Republic; West Sumatera

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Published by INSIGHT - Indonesian Society for Knowledge and Human Development