The Quality of Transparent Soap from Farmer's Crude Calophyllum Seed Oil

Sawarni Hasibuan, Sahirman Sahirman, Amar Ma’ruf


Calophyllum inophyllum plants is one of the potential non-edible vegetable oil in Indonesia. Currently, the utilization of C. inophyllum seed oils directed for biofuels such as biodiesel feedstock. The oleochemical product diversification of C. inophyllum seed oil into transparent soap products is prospective to be developed, considering its utilization that does not compete with edible oil.  The purpose of this research is to obtain the best conditions for the production process of C. inophyllum seed oil transparent soap. The research process is conducted in two phases. The first is the determination of the basic formula of transparent soap from C. inophyllum seed oil, and the second is the improvement of the organoleptic quality of the Calophyllum transparent soap.  The research design used is the completely randomized factorial design with two treatments, i.e. the addition of olive oil and ethanol.  The determination of the best formula for Calophyllum transparent soap is based on the weighting method on a number of physicochemical and organoleptic criteria. The results of the research show that the addition of olive oil and ethanol has a significant effect on the amount of Calophyllum transparent soap suds (P<0,05).  The quality improvement of Calophyllum transparent soap is conducted with the addition of honey, fragrance, and coloring agent. The addition of honey has a significant effect on the transparency and color of Calophyllum transparent soap (P<0,05). The addition of fragrance types has a significant effect on transparency, color and aroma (P<0,05), but does not have a significant effect on the hedonic test on texture and impression after use (P>0,06).  Based on the composite weighting method, the most preferred formula for Calophyllum transparent soap according to the panelists is the use of olive oil 5%, ethanol 15%, honey 0,3%, and floral fragrance 1%. This  best condition for Calophyllum transparent soap are able to meet the standards of the Saudi Arabian Standard Organization (SASO) for the water content and evaporating substances, as well as free alkali.


Calophyllum inophyllum seed oil, olive oil, ethanol, transparent soap.

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