The Study of Placement Pattern Micro Sprinkler Depends on Hanging Micro Sprinkler Irrigation Against the Value of Irrigation Efficiency

Bambang Aris Sistanto


Micro-sprinkler Irrigation which emitter are laid in hanging position was one’s alternative on water given technology to getting high and uniform irrigation efficiencies. Sprinkler irrigation efficiency determined by the value of a Coefficient of Uniformity (CU) and value of Distribution Uniformity (DU). This research purpose is seeking to locate and test placement pattern and the distance spaces between sprinkler to obtain a better value of irrigation efficiency on each type of micro sprinkler. This research was carried out in September-October 2012, which are located  in the greenhouse of Faculty of Agriculture, Padjadjaran University. The method of performed on this research is descriptive analysis, with a two pattern of the placement that are tested which is a square in a serial manner and square in parallel, with three spaces between the tested sprinklers i.e. 55%, 60% and 65% of the wetting diameter on three kinds of micro sprinkler in three repetitions. This research concluded that the best distance spaces between the sprinkler on hanging position the type of microspin ie equal to 4,8 meters (60 %), on the type of modular the best sprinkler distance spaced amounting to 5,2 meters (65 %) and a square parallel pattern was the best sprinkler placement pattern on both of this type . Whereas on the type of spray jet the best sprinkler spaces are 1,65 meters (55%) and a pattern of a square series is the best pattern on the type of this . the value of a coefficient of uniformity (CU ) and distribution uniformity (DU) there are most properly on the type of microspin with the result of the value of CU amounting to 91,43 % , and the results value of DU by 86,52 % .


Micro sprinkler irrigation; Irrigation efficiency; Sprinkler placement pattern; distance spaces

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