The Influence of Bioactivator Cattle Feces Against The Length of Composting and C/N Ratio from Three Kind of Organic Material

Yun Sondang, Khazy Anty, Rina Alfina


Research of the influence of bio-activator cattle feces against the length of composting and C/N ratio has been done. The purpose of the research was to (1) learn the gift of cattle feces as a compost bio-activator on some materials to accelerate the composting and C/N ratio (2) Determine the best of bio-activator livestock feces in composting process. Research carried out for 8 weeks from April-June 2013. Making compost is done at home composting Agricultural Polytechnic of Payakumbuh, and chemical analysis in Soil Laboratory Andalas University. This study used a factorial 3 x 4 drawn up according to the full Random Design with three replicates. Research on using straw (A1), azoles (A2) and water hyacinth (A3) as a raw material for compost. The second factor: without feces (B1), cow feces (B2), goat feces (B3), and chicken feces (B4) as bio-activator. The observation parameter consists of a long composting and C/N ratio. The results showed that bio-activator cattle feces can accelerate composting and lowering the ratio C/N compost. The best bio-activator to accelerate composting and lowering the C/N of compost is the cow feces.


Bio-activator, cattle feces, length of composting, C/N ratio

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