Study of Socio-Economic Aspects Cocoa Fermented Processing Smallholders at Lima Puluh Kota Regency West Sumatera, Indonesia

Veronice Veronice


Cocoa fermentation technology is a technology that aims to establish a distinctive chocolate flavor and reduce bitterness in cocoa beans. But in its application, the technology is difficult to develop because of the same price among farmers who use the technology to a non-fermented cocoa fermentation.Classical problem above all in sharp contrast with the positive attitude of farmers who tend to (accept) this technology, so farmers vacillate with uncertainty measures taken by relevant parties.. Despite the economic constraints which include capital, labor, sales results, and selling price has not been resolved and the social constraints such as lack of initiative groups to collect the results collectively to make this technology still has not been adopted by farmers. Based on this research can be concluded: the attitude of respondents with cocoa fermentation technology is said to be positive or accepting of this technology with an average score of 69-83. Constraints faced by the technical challenges that include harvesting, sorting fruit, peeling the fruit, fermentation, drying and storage, economic constraints (capital, labor, sales results, and selling prices) and social constraints that are emphasized to the factors of cooperation and sharing of information between farmers / group. And income level - average annual cocoa farmers amounted to Rp 12.472.067,3 respondent or Rp.1.039.338, 95 per month, assuming an average price of dry cocoa bean sales were Rp 21 700 / kg.


Cocoa fermentation, farmers, incomes, smallholders, technology.

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