Estimation Carbon Storage of Community Forest through Timber Legality Assurance System

D.S. Martono, R. Setiahadi, S. Rahayu, - Wuryantoro, A.P. Atmaja


Community forests play an important role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions because forests can absorb carbon dioxide in the air, which then stored in trees. The measurement of the amount of C stored in plant life in a community forest can illustrate the amount of CO in the atmosphere absorbed by plants. The research activity aims to estimate carbon stocks in community forests certified by TLAS (Timber Legality Verification System). The method used is the making of allometric equations by logging methods of commercial tree species (Melia, Mahagony, Tectona grandis, and Paraserianthes). The location of the research conducted in the community forest area managed by Lawu Lestari People's Law Enforcement Community (PPHR), Panekan, Magetan. With an area of 192.16 hectares scattered in three (3) villages, namely Ngiliran, Jabung, and Bedagung, and obtained certified SVLK on December 4, 2013. The average percentage of biomass per part of the main tree for community forest the largest is Stem 50.28%, 28.00% Branches and twigs, root 14.26%, leaves 7.46%. Equation model to estimate the amount of carbon content Melia azedarach Y = 246,123 d 1,986 (R2 = 0,999 and SEE = 0,053), Swietenia mahagony Y = 48,389 d 2,443 (R2 = 0,997, SEE = 0,083), Tectona grandis Y = 65,019 d 2,370 (R2 = 0.995 and SEE = 0.122) and Paraserianthes falcataria Y = 52.726 d 2.116 (R2 = 0.993, SEE = 0.123). The amount of carbon content amounted to community forest is 2558.69 tons.


carbon content; community forest; certificate; wood Legality

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