Life Cycle of Gall Midge on Red Chilli in West Sumatra

Munzir Busniah


Study of the life cycle of the gall midge (Asphondylia capsici Barnes) (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae) has been performed in pepper (Capsicum annuum L.). The experiment was conducted in laboratory experiments carried out at the Laboratory of Plant Pest Disease, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Andalas Padang, from January to June 2012. The objective was to study the life cycle of the gall midge in pepper. Gall midge egg white, elongated round, length 0,69 and width 0,35 mm. Early instar larvae rounded elongated, transparent color and a whitish or yellowish white. Instar larva up getting flattened by the color yellow to brownish yellow. The larvae live in the chilies. Pupa brown to blackish brown, 3.0 mm long and 2.3 mm wide, located in the chilies. Pradewasa stage lasted 22 days. Imago brown or blackish brown. Imago body length of males and females is almost the same, at 2.8 mm, but the body of the female imago fatter than the males. Imago males live longer (35 hours) compared with female imago (32 hours). Imago female fecundity is 124 eggs. The life cycle of gall midge on pepper plants 25 days.


Life cycle, gall midge, red chilli, West Sumatra

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