Analysis of Pineapple Chips Agroindustry in Kualu Nenas Village Kampar District

Rosnita Rosnita, Roza Yulida, Susy Edwina, Evy Maharani, Didi Muwardi, Arifudin Arifudin


The purpose of this study is to analyze the production cost, efficiency level and marketing process of pineapple chips business, and to analyze the institutionl support of pienapple chips agroindustry. The study was conducted by survey method from 12 pineapple chips entrepreneurs, chosen by census sampling method in Kuala nenas village in 2012. Data were analyzed by descriptive method. The growing number of pineapple chips enterprenur was followed by the increasing number of machine owned by the enterpreneur, ranging from 1-4 unit facum frying machine for each enterpreneur. The average production cost of pineapple chips produced by 4 times production process scheme/ day are Rp.15.514.749 for 1 machine, Rp. 34.199.267 for 2 machine, and Rp. 62.515.120 for 3 machine. The average production cost of pineaplle chips, produced by 3 times production scheme/ day with 4 unit machine is Rp. 57.478.340. The efficiency levels ranging between 1,27 (the average efficiency of 1 unit machine) up to 1,78 (the average efficiency of 4 unit machine). While the value added obtained per unit machine is abour 9 million rupiah or 38.000/kg. Some of the products (60%) were marketed through broker or wholesaler, the others (40%) were directly sold to the consument using their own brands. In the accessibility of the enterprenurs to financial institution, the enterprenuers were able to obtained the capital assistance from BMUN, micro economic and banking institutions.


Agroindustry, Pineapple chips, Cost, Efficiency

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