Study on Environment Characteristics for Mining Management at East Pit 3 West Banko Coal Mine

Neny Rochyani, Eddy Ibrahim, M. Faizal, Ngudiantoro Ngudiantoro


The management on mining environment is closely related to the environmental characteristics and the condition of mining itself.  In East PIT 3 West Banko Coal Mine Tanjung Enim mine drainage system has been developed which refers to the open pit method employed by the company. The observation and analysis showed that the sludge settling ponds have been constructed as well as adequate catchment area. To discharge water into the channel at 0.3016 m 3 / sec can still be accommodated due to the dimensions of the channel that can accommodate an intake capacity of 1,639 m 3 / sec. While the use of lime made in the settling ponds  with the ratio of 0.7 g: 1 liter of water indicates the water quality test results that meet the environmental quality standards that the pH is 6.7 with a TSS of 12mg / l Fe content was 2.1580 mg / l and Mn content of 1.3 mg / l.


mining environment, mine drainage system, mine water

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