The Identification of Car Combustion Engine Category on Exhaust Emissions Data Pattern Base Using Sum Square Error Method

- Andrizal, - Lifwarda, Anton Hidayat, Roza Susanti, Nadia Alfitri, Rivanol Chadry


There are two main categories of combustion conditions in the engine combustion chamber that is complete combustion conditions and incomplete combustion conditions. Complete combustion conditions obtained when there is a balance between fuel, airflow, and ignition in the combustion chamber. These characterized by the level of elements and compounds contained in the exhaust gas emission. The elements and compounds that are dominant in gas exhaust emissions are Hydrocarbon (HC), Carbon Monoxide (CO), Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Oxygen (O2). This study aims to create a system that is capable to identify categories of combustion of automobile engines through exhaust emissions. The exhaust gas emission data is obtained by using multi sensor gas processed by Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) process and made in the form of the data pattern. The process of identifying combustion categories is done by comparing the detected data pattern with reference data pattern using the sum square error (SSE) method. Trials have been conducted on a number of gasoline and pertalite cars for carburetor systems and injection systems. Based on the results of the experiments performed, the accuracy of the system identifying the category of complete combustion 87% engine and incomplete combustion category 77%.


Identification, Combustion Condition

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