The Mixture of Yogurt and Strawberry Juice to Repair Blood Lipid Profile

Rince Alfia Fadri, Rilma Novita, Fadil Oenzil, Kesuma Sayuti


There are so many ways to do in reducing cholesterol concentration in blood. Yogurt and strawberry juice have ability  to repair blood lipid profile at hypercholesterolemia. Research and lactobacillus development potention as the cholesterol killing probiotic that to be mixed with strawberry juice is necessary to do to support community health. The purpose of this reasearch was measuring the mixture of yogurt and strawberry juice effectiveness to repair blood lipid profile.  The design of this research that to be used was experimental by pretest and posted randomized control design progam. The sample of this research was thirty white mice (Rattus Norvegicus). Cholesterol Total, HDL and LDL to be analyzed by WI-M-KK2 BLK-SB methode (Clinical Chemstry Auto Analyzer) using tool Selectra E Auto Analyzer. The data was analyzed by Anova test, continued by LSD test using computer program . The result after giving mixture of yogurt and strawberry juice with the dosage 2ml and 3ml per day could obviously reduce LDL Level (p<0,05), Cholesterol Total (p<0,05) and to increase HDL Level (p>0,05). The differentiation in dosis giving showed unmeaning reduction result (p>0,05). Conclusion, the mixture of yogurt and strawberry juice could repair blood lipid profile, where it’s proved to reduce drastically choleterol Total Level, LDL in 30 days.


Yogurt; Strawberry Juice; Lipid Profile; Hypercholesterolemia

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Published by INSIGHT - Indonesian Society for Knowledge and Human Development