Toward Probiotict Food Product from Meat Through Isolation and Identification Lactic Acid Bacteria As Probiotic Culture Stater

Yunilas Yunilas, Lili Warly, Edi Mirwandhono


Probiotic food products of meat can provide extensive benefits, to increase the shelf life and nutritional value also improve the taste. The use of lactic acid bacteria culture (LAB) derived from the isolation of the meat and the addition of probiotic cultures (Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria) in fermented sausage processing is expected to produce a probiotic sausage products with nutritional value, and better shelf life and improve health. This study aimed to isolate and identify lactic acid bacteria (LAB) of meat as a starter culture fermented sausages. The parameters observed were gram test, catalase, motility, gas production, type of fermentation, growth at various temperatures and pH. The results were obtained 28 isolates, 17 isolates were able to produce acid and 8 of them are lactic acid bacteria (LAB) with the characteristics of gram-positive, catalase negative, not motile, produces gas, are hetero and homo fermentative, optimum growth temperature of 300C and a few of them are able to grow on pH 3.5. Lactic acid bacteria that able to be combined with probiotics as sausage starter culture to the probiotic food products of meat.


Food probiotics, lactic acid bacteria, sausage, probiotics.

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Published by INSIGHT - Indonesian Society for Knowledge and Human Development