Rotating Force of Vanes on Irrigation Water-Scooped Wheel

Mohammad Agita Tjandra, Qaddara Fahada


Irrigation Water Scooped-Wheel is an appropriate and environmental friendly technology to deliver water from lower river to higher land. The main source of driving power of water scooped wheel is the forces caused by water flow impact on vanes. The force has not been measured. Knowing the forces will enable to estimate the wheel potential to deliver water. The objectives of this study are to determine the force on vanes and to evaluate influencing factors. The forces are determined by moment equilibrium between the moment of vanes and the moment provided to prevent the wheel to rotate. At 0.282 m/s water velocity,  magnitude of force on vane (0.3 x 0.7 m2) were 34 – 130 Newton. The force on vanes are affected by the area of vanes impacted by flowing water, the position on vanes toward flowing water and the water flow velocity.


force on vanes; irrigation water scooped-wheel; Irrigation Water

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