Growth and Yield Response of Shallots (Allium Ascalonicum) to Various Water Height from Soil Surface

Eka Susila, Weri Susena, Sentot Wahono


The research was conducted from May to October 2008 in  Payakumbuh Agriculture Polytechnic.The objective of the research was to get appropriate level of water surface from ground  and suitable  for optimal shallot yield and growth. This research was  arrange in Randomized Block Design with three treatment. The treatment was the water surface level (W) with three water level  (10, 25 and 40 cm from soil surface). Statistical analysis was performed with SAS System for Windows v6.12. The result showed that water surface level significantly affecting the plant height, relative growth rate, number of leaf, number of tuber, and tuber yield (t ha-1) due to water availablity. Water surface level that significantly increase the yield of shallot was water level condition at 25 cm from soil surface.


shallots; water surface level; soil Surface

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