A Study on Facial Expression Recognition Using Local Binary Pattern

Shahreen Kasim, Rohayanti Hassan, Nur Hadiana Zaini, Asraful Syifaa’ Ahmad, Azizul Azhar Ramli, Rd Rohmat Saedudin


How to get the proper combination of feature extraction and classification is still crucial in facial expression recognition, and it has been addressed conducted over two decades. Hence, if inadequate features are used, even the best classifier could fail to achieve the accurate recognition. Therefore, Local Binary Pattern (LBP) is used as a feature extraction technique for facial expressions recognition where it is evaluated based on statistical local features. LBP is proven successful technique by the recent study due to its speed and discrimination performance aside of robust to low-resolution images. For the classification, Support Vector Machine is chosen, and the algorithm is implemented in MATLAB and tested on JAFFE (Japanese Female Facial Expressions) database in order to achieve the objectives and the goal of this research which is to obtain high accuracy in facial expressions and identify the seven basic facial expressions. The performance of feature extraction and classification is evaluated based on the recognition accuracy. The observation on results obtained in facial expressions recognition rate indicated the effectiveness of the proposed algorithm based on SVM-LBP features.


facial expression recognition; feature extraction; local binary pattern; support vector machine; JAFFE

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18517/ijaseit.7.5.3390


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Published by INSIGHT - Indonesian Society for Knowledge and Human Development