Characteristics of Chicken Sausage Treated with Using Tofu Dregs Waste

Sahadi Didi Ismanto, Wenny Surya Murtius


Tofu dregs flour serve the purpose of addition-agent in sausage making, as a whole sausage yielded to accept SNI 01-3820-1995. Usage of tofu dregs flour which more and more causing protein rate to increase, so do usage of sago flour will increase carbohydrate rate. Acceptable and best composition of panelist is treatment D = chicken flesh 75% : sago flour 15% : tofu dregs flour 10%. Best sausage characteristic and panelist is with water content 66,71%, fat rate 3,54%, ash content 1,74%, protein rate 13,91%, carbohydrate rate 14,10%, cooking yield 76,24%, juiciness 22,78%, reduction diameter -1,85%, reduction thickness 3,63%, folding test 4,67%.


Chicken Sausage; Tofu Dregs Waste; Tofu Waste

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