Total Solid Optimizing in The Making of Functional Fermentation Milk Drink Lactobacillus Cassei Tomatoes

Syuryani Syahrul, Nurzarrah Nurzarrah, Rahzarni Rahzarni


The purpose of this research is to get Functional Fermentation Milk Drink  Lactobacillus cassei TomatoesExtract Formulation appropriately, in a way to organize the total solid. The total solid for semi-solid fermentation milk is about 24 – 28 %. In searching for Functional Fermentation Milk Drink  Lactobacillus cassei Tomatoes extractformulation, the plan to be used is Random Complete Design (RCD) with 5 treatments and 3 repetitions.  For advance test is done by Duncan’s New Multiple Range Test (DNMRT) on real standard 5 %. The treatment is made based on skim powder milk percentage that to be added to the fresh milk that contained 13 % of total solid for getting fermentation milk appropriate with wanted total solidity. Each treatments are : (A). Addition skim powder milk 3 %; (B). Addition skim powder milk 6 %; (C). Addition skim powder milk 9 %; (D). Addition skim powder milk 12 % (E). Addition skim powder milk 15 %. The best treatment to be choosen is E (Addition skim powder milk 15 %) because the total solidity approaches standard ( 22,054 %), microbial total above the standard (1,9 x 1010), acid total (0,6968 %), pH (4,93) and organoleptic aspects in terms of taste, texture, aroma and preferred color by panelist.


Functional Drink; Lycopene; Fermentation Milk; L. Cassei; Total Solid

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