Research Management Systems: Systematic Mapping of Literature (2007-2017)

Anabel Velásquez-Duran, María Soledad Ramírez-Montoya


Research management in relation to Research and Development (R&D) has found a comprehensive and powerful tool in the Current Research Information System (CRIS). Publications on the subject are still emerging, so knowing what research has been done and its contributions presents an opportunity to build theoretical and reference frameworks, and to identify gaps and potential opportunities for future developments in information technology. Various articles covering these systems were analyzed with the objective of identifying the research areas, countries and institutions in which they were published, as well as their research approaches, contributions and topics covered. A systematic mapping of literature was carried out, which included 33 articles published on Web of Science (WoS) and Scopus, from 2007 to 2017. To ensure valid results, the evaluation guide for researchers was used during for the design and review phases of the systematic mapping studies, as well as the corresponding evaluation rubric; in addition, a strategy to define direct decision rules on how to classify an article based on the results of evaluations of multiple researchers was adopted. The findings show that the main research areas are Information Science & Library Science and Computer Science; the largest concentration of publications is found in Europe; research focuses on Evaluation Research; contributions are oriented to create processes and models, and to describe the applications and uses of CRIS. It is concluded that there are areas of opportunity for the development of research in this area, such as the expansion of the research areas in which it is used, the possibilities of collaboration, sharing and exchange at a global level, and the coverage towards integration issues with open access.


Research management; current research information system; systematic mapping; technology; information system; information technology

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