Mechanical and Physical Properties Ofmedium Density Fiberboard Produce from Renewable Biomass of Agricultural Fiber

Yuliati Indrayani, Dina Setyawati, Tsuyoshi Yoshimura, Kenji Umemura


The development of Medium density fiberboard (MDF) made from renewable biomass of pineapple (Ananas comosus) leaf fiber and their suitability as a construction material has been investigated. Two different types of board with a target density of 0.8 gr/cm3 were manufactured. The board was prepared in three layers of about 1:1:1 weight ratio in unidirectional and cross-oriented board using low molecular weight (LM) PF resin type PL-3725 and high molecular weight (HM) PF resin type PL-2818 for impregnation and adhesive purposes. For comparison, boards with the same structure were prepared using high molecular weight PF resin only. The mechanical properties of the boards have been examined as well as their physical properties. The results shows that generally, mechanical properties, Modulus Of Elasticity (MOE), value was improved with mix PF resin as well as Modulus Of Rupture (MOR). Pineaplle leaf fiber resulted in significantly higher MOR, consistent with our observation during the test. This information is useful when a high MOR is required in application. Other mechanical properties such as internal bonding (IB) and screw-holding capacities (SH) improved as those of MOE and MOR. Fiber from agricultural residues such as pineapple leaf are longer than wood fiber. This might explain why screw-holding capacities increased since the failure in those tests is mainly due to tear force. Diffrences in the physical properties between the board types were caused by the presence of the low molecular weight PF resin for the impregnation of the fibers. As using of mix PF resin, thickness swelling (TS) properties improved as well. No significant difference was found for both mechanical and physical properties. The effect of the PF resin for impregnation was noted; however, fiber orientation had no effect on both physical and mechanical properties of the specimens.


Medium density fiberboard (MDF); Pineapple leaf fiber; Physical and mechanical properties; Structure of fiber

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