Potential of Local Microalgae as A Natural Antioxidant to Produce Asuh Broiler Meat

Salvia Salvia, Mirzah Mirzah, Yetti Marlida, Endang Purwati


Feed quality for food safety. To produce ASUH (safe, healthy, whole and halal) food from  broiler , it should be fed with quality ration that free from chemical residues derived from synthetic antioxidants such as BHT, BHA and antibiotic for the meat  contained  residue that will cause negative effect.  Microalgae has the potential to be used as natural supplement because it contains nutrients, antioxidant,  cholesterolemic effect and plant growth regulator. Ojectives of this study is to  exploit natural antioxidant substance in local microalgae extract as  natural supplement for broiler.  This research used local microalgae collected from water of the pond located around chicken farm in Nagari Mungka, 50 Kota District. DPPH free radical absorbance method used to test antioxidant activity, while ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) used as comparison, and was tested to broiler to oversee its performance.  Best concentration tested to broilers and its performances was observed.  The result of study ; Local microalgae extract  has ability to inhibit DPPH free radical  by  concentration at 80 mg/ml  which is equal to 6 mg/ml   of Vitamin C. The performance  after giving  microalgae as antioxidant is better than Vitamin C because it contains nutrition and others secondary metabolic  such as antimicrobial, cholesterolimic effect and plant growth regulator. Local microalgae is potential as source of natural antioxidants for producing ASUH broiler meat


Microalgae; Antioxidant Activity; ASUH Chicken Meat

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18517/ijaseit.3.3.325


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