Proximate and Organoleptic Test of Strawberries Wet Noodle

Rince Alfia Fadri, Sri Kembaryanti Putri, Yenni Muchrida, Rilma Novita, Salvia Salvia, Mimi Harni


Strawberies much contain of phytochemicals, included polyphenols which are reported to reduce cancer risk   a coronary heart desease and others degeneratives diseases. These effects are considered as most important to be related to the capacity of polyphenol antioxidant found in strawberries. In connection of this case,then a research to be done to know strawberries potential in its utilization on the making of wet noodle.The purposes of this research are to grade physical quality (include color.aroma,texture and taste) and nutrient quality of strawberries wet nodle. Research type of to be used is "experimental Design" with way of treating different increment strawberries quantity to the each three treatments 50 grams,100 grams and 150 grams also using wet noodle control without strawberries increment. Datas gathering of physical strawberries wet noodleto to do through organoleptic by 20 trained semi panelists. Than, nutrient quality datas to be gotten with proximate wet noodle content analyzing with HPLC methode and also "Nutry Survey" program on computer software.  Data analyzing for physical quality t do with ANOVA at significant level 5 percent to be trhough with Duncan's difference test at significant level 5 percent. Than nutrient quality datas descriptively analyzed after to be compared with noodle's nutrient quality without strawberries (control) also wet noodle's nutrient quality that contained in Food Stuff Composition List. Result of this research to show that strawberries wet noodle has good physical quality (at preferred level).treatment to be preferred is wet noodle with the increment of 100gram strawberries.The quality of strawberries wet noodle is also better because contains antioxidant especially polyphenols than to be compared with wet noodle without strawberries (control) and wet noodle in Food Stuff Composition List.


strawberry; wet noodle; Organoleptic Test

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