The Mechanism of Erythrocytes Aggregation in EDTA-Blood of Ovarian Cancer Patients Viewed by Coulomb’s Law

Kuncoro Asih Nugroho, Kamsul Abraha, Ngadikun .


The objective of this research is to assess the application of Coulomb’s law in complex systems. The observed erythrocyte interaction is erythrocytes in the EDTA-blood. The detection of the erythrocyte interaction uses a spectrophotometer with λ = 560 nm. The EDTA-blood in the cuvette is irradiated on the lower surface of the EDTA-blood. Data were analyzed using deterministic and stochastic approaches. Based on the data analysis, three deterministic and three stochastic parameters are obtained. The differences in the values of both deterministic and stochastic parameters of ovarian cancer and normal subject patients were analyzed using Mann-Whitney for non-normally distributed data, while normally distributed data were analyzed using t-test. The results of this calculation show that the parameters in both groups are not significantly different. The mechanism of absorbance pattern in terms of Coulomb’s law cannot distinguish the patterns of erythrocyte interactions as living cells with the complexity of EDTA-blood composition in both normal and ovarian cancer subjects.


erythrocyte; diffusion; spectrophotometer

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