Passengers’ Perceptions on Effectiveness of Public Facilities in Hasanuddin International Airport Terminal Based on Ordered Logit Model

Muhammad Isran Ramli, Rinto Patandungan, S. Adji Adisasmita


The present study attempts to grasp the effectiveness of the public facilities such as waiting rooms, lounge, and cafe in Hasanuddin International Airport terminal, in Makassar City, Indonesia regarding the preferences of the airport passengers. This study collected the passenger's preferences data through an interview survey approach which using a questionnaire sheet instrument. The inquiry involves individual characteristics and travel attributes of passengers. The study used an ordered logit model in analyzing the passenger's preferences. The analysis results show that there are some significant variables which influence the traveler's preferences in the assessment of the effectiveness of the public facilities in the airport. The relevant variables involve airlines, trip frequency, the time interval between arrival time and boarding time, and the place of waiting for boarding time. The passenger's preferences analyzing described that the public facilities at Hasanuddin International Airport are sufficient enough.


effectiveness; public facilities; Hasanuddin International Airport; ordered logit model.

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