Processing of Banana Flour Using a Local Banana as Raw Materials in Lampung

Alvi Yani, Ratna Wylis Arief, Nina Mulyanti


The research aims to get the best local banana from several aspects (rendement total sugar content, organoleptic and nutritional value) in the process into banana flour (BF). Research conducted in July-September 2010 and mature green bananas were collected from the farmer’s field of Pardasuka Village, Ketibung District, South Lampung Regency. Research conducted using randomized design with four banana types , a). Janten, b). Kepok Manado, c). Muli and d), Raja Nangka.. Analyses carried out on rendement, nutritional value, total sugar and whiteness. Organoleptic test was done for knowing customer preferences (color, flavor and texture) by 20 panelists with score 1 to 7 (very not like s/d really like). Results showed that rendement of BF from Janten was the highest (range of recovery 35-36%) followed by BF from Raja Nangka (20-21%), Kepok Manado (20%) and Muli (16-17%). The highest total sugar was BF from Muli i.e .7.784% followed by Raja Nangka (4.985%), Kepok Manado (4.961%) and Janten (3.732%), whereas whiteness ranges from 42.85 to 61, 55% with the highest levels of whiteness of BF from Kepok Manado (61.55%), followed Janten (54%), Raja Nangka (43.25%) and the lowest of Muli (42.85%). The BF contained protein (from 2.545 to 3.407%), fat (from 0.433 to 0.583%), carbohydrate (from 83.400 to 88.005%), ash (from 2.053 to 3.031%), crude fiber (from 0.524 to 1.897) and moisture content (from 5.586 to 6.603%). The BF from Raja Nangka showed good characters (color = 5.92), (texture = 5.69), and (flavor = 5.31) and panelist acceptance. Based on consideration of several aspects such as rendement, total sugar, consumer preferences, availability of raw materials and business analyses, the best bananas to be processed into flour in Lampung was the Raja Nangka banana and be able to increase the added value of > 15% with B/C ratio of 1.32 and competent to be developed.


Banana Flour (Bf); Janten; Kepok Manado Muli; Raja Nangka

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