Metabolism Energy, Nitrogen Retention, and Mineral Retention of Phosphorus Calcium and Zinc of Sugarcane Juice in Broilers

Ermin Widjaja, Toharmat T Toharmat T, Santosa AD, Sumiati Sumiati, Ridla M


Poultry feed derived from grains has an anti-nutrient phytic acid. Naturally, phytate forms a complex bond with some minerals (P, Zn, Fe, Mg, and Ca), protein, and amino acids. The mineral-phytate complex cannot be absorbed by the small intestine of non-ruminant livestock and will adversely affect the availability of minerals in the ration. One way to improve the efficiency of mineral and protein utilization from phytate is using phytase. Sugarcane juice containing nutrients and phytase is very potential as liquid supplement for broiler chickens as it can hydrolyze phytic acid. The purpose of this study was to determine the retention of nitrogen, metabolism energy, and retention of minerals (P, Ca and Zn) of sugarcane juice in broilers. The study was conducted for 7 days using metabolism cages for 28 broilers of 5 weeks old with 6 treatments of 4 replications, 4 for endogenous. The results showed that the administration of 2.5%/kg sugarcane juice in the ration as well as in 2.5%/liter sugarcane juice in drinking water could provide the same result as giving commercial phytase 250-500 FTU/kg on the retention of nitrogen, metabolizeable energy, and retention of minerals P, Ca and Zn.


Sugarcane Juice; Metabolism Energy; Nitrogen Retention; Mineral; Retention

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