Anti-Theft Vehicle Tracking System Using GPS and Location Prediction

Dhanya N.M.


Currently the number of private vehicles is increasing day by day and hence the importance of tracking and theft prevention.  Recently the vehicle tracking systems are getting wide popularity and can be used in tracking in case of stolen vehicles. Real-time applications like Vehicle Tracking System is developed using Arduino board with a microcontroller. We have developed a vehicle tracking system with a Smartphone which is less expensive and reliable when compared to the existing system as there is no need for extra hardware. The objective is to develop an application for tracking vehicles, which will help the cab owners to track their car all the time and to predict the location of the vehicle in the case of a failing GPS (Global Positioning System). Time series prediction algorithm is used to predict the location of the vehicle if GPS is in off mode. The vehicle tracking system installed will update the GPS coordinates of the vehicle continued to the cloud, and this data can be used for predicting the location of the vehicle in case of emergency. This system can also be used to generate the bills after finishing the freight in the form of an SMS based on the distance traveled, which can be calculated from the latitude and longitude data. The GPS data can be mapped to the Google maps to track the location in real time. Compared with the existing system, this system is having the advantage of location prediction from the historic location data, and the cost is reduced by almost half.  


vehicle tracking; GPS; location based services; android app.

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