Multi-type Noise Removal in Lead Frame Image Using Enhanced Hybrid Median Filter

Muhammad Syafiq Alza Alias, Norazlin Ibrahim, Zalhan Mohd Zin


Image filtering technique plays a very important role in digital image processing. It is one of the major steps in image enhancement and restoration. This filtering technique can remove noise and preserve the details of the image for feature extraction processes. However, filtering process can still be considered as a huge challenge for image filtering technique. Common noises in the image such as Salt & Pepper, Gaussian, Speckle, and Poisson Noise are still posing problems in filtering process where the quality and the originality of the images can be degraded and disturbed. Meanwhile, a single filtering technique is usually fit to deal with only certain specific noise. This paper presents an enhanced Hybrid Median Filter (H6F) technique to improve image filtering process. The technique involves 3x3 sub-mask and determination of new pixel value from the median value of the three steps which are the median calculation of ‘+’-neighbours, median calculation of all sub-masks and selection of centre pixel value. The H6F technique has been computed on lead frame inspection system. The results have shown that the technique has been able to remove multi-type of noises efficiently and produce exceptionally low Mean-Square Error (MSE) while consuming the acceptable amount of execution time when compared to other filtering techniques.


image filtering; hybrid median filter; multi-type noise

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