Design and Implementation of a Software System for High Level Business Rules

Deepak Kumar Sharma, Naveen Prakash, Manish Mahajan, Dheerendra Singh


The Business Rules Group has highlighted the importance of the ownership of business rules by business people. This calls for a business oriented view of business rules. Accordingly, we propose to introduce a Business Layer on top of the CIM layer of business rules that considers the essential nature of business rules, their properties and structure as well as inter-relationships between business rules. We propose a model that inhabits the business layer. This model provides (a) flat and hierarchical business rules, (b) business rules that operate on the state of an enterprise and cause state changes (c) temporal constraints and specification of long running and instantaneous business rules. Further, we develop a Business Rule Management system(BRMS) that, besides basic CRUD capability, allows construction of business rules from given ones. Our proposals are exemplified with a subset of the business rules of a Library.


business rule; business rule model; business motivation model; model driven architecture; temporal operator

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