Short-Term Effect of China Violet Compost on Soil Properties of Ultisol and Peanut Yield

Heri Junedi, Zurhalena Zurhalena, Itang Ahmad Mahbub


Compost application can contribute to agricultural sustaniability that it has proven to improve soil quality and crops yield. One of the ingredients can be made of china violet that mostly found as weeds in oil palm and rubber plantation. The aims of this study were to evaluate the effect of compost application on soil properties of Ultisol and peanut yield. The experiment was carried out at the Experimental Field of Agriculture Faculty, University of Jambi, Mendalo Darat, Jambi. The treatments were arranged in a rondomly blocked design consisting of (i) control (without compost), (ii) 5 Mg ha-1 compost, (iii) 10 Mg ha-1 compost, (iv) 15 Mg ha-1 compost, and (v) 20 Mg ha-1 compost. The results of study showed that the application of compost improve the soil chemical properties by increasing soil pH, CEC, N, P, and K. In addition peanut yield was increased by compost application. The highest increase in peanut yield was achieved by application of 20 Mg ha-1 compost.


Sustainability; Compost; Soil Properties; Ultisol; Peanut

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