Performance Comparison of CRUD Operations in IoT based Big Data Computing

Jung Yeon Seo, Dae Won Lee, Hwa Min Lee


Nowadays, due to the development of mobile devices, the kinds of data that are generated are becoming diverse, and the amount is becoming huge. The vast amount of data generated in this way is called big data. Big data must be processed in a different way than existing data processing methods. Representative methods of big data processing are RDBMS (Relational Database System) and NoSQL method. We compare NoSQL and RDBMS, which are representative database systems. In this paper, we use MySQL query and MongoDB query to compare RDBMS and NoSQL. We gradually compare the performance of CRUD operations in MySQL and MongoDB by increasing the amount of data. MongoDB sets index and compares it again.  Through result of these operations is to choose a database system that fits the situation.  This makes it possible to design and analyse big data more efficiently. 


NoSQL; RDBMS, MongoDB; MySQL; big data; performance calculation.

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Published by INSIGHT - Indonesian Society for Knowledge and Human Development