Analysis of Recognition and Educational Needs on Competency of Secondary School Informatics Teachers

Youngmin Ko, Yukyeong Lee, Daeyoung Kim, Hanil Kim


Recently, efforts have been made to enhance educational competency based on Computational Thinking (CT) in relation to informatics education at home and abroad. Although many informatics teachers training programs are steadily operated in order to cultivate the education capacity in response to the changing demands of the times, this is done without acceptance of an opinion process of informatics teachers’ educational needs. Therefore, this study analyzed recognition and educational needs based on the competency model developed for the informatics teachers in secondary school. Educational needs were analyzed using Borich’s needs formula. The results of the study are as follows: First, the average of Required Competency Level (RCL) of each competency-unit was higher than average of Present Competency Level (PCL) and there were statistically significant differences between RCL and PCL. Secondly, the educational need of each competency-unit was highest in ‘Informatics Teaching and Learning Strategy Establishment and Operation’. Thirdly, the educational needs of Knowledge domain showed the highest educational needs in the competencies of the ‘Informatics Teaching and Learning Strategy Establishment and Operation’ obtaining more than 7 points. Finally, the educational needs of Skill domain took the 1st to 3rd priorities and indicated higher in the competencies of the same competency-unit as Knowledge domain.


educational needs; competency; informatics; teacher training

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