The Composition of Syngas and Biochar Produced by Gasifier from Viet Nam Rice Husk

Nguyen Huy Bich, Nguyen Van Lanh, Bui Ngọc Hung


Nowadays, biomass has become one of the renewable energy sources might be filled for the lack of energy in the world. Gasification of biomass in general and of rice husk in particularly has attracted many researchers in Viet Nam. The rice husk gasification experimental study has been done with the GEK 20 kW device which is developed by All Power Labs, USA. The air flow rate from 2 to 4 m3/h is applied in gasifier. A portable infra-red syngas analyzer is used for simultaneous measurement the concentrations of CO, CO2, CH4, H2 and O2 of the syngas and for calculation of the heating energy. The effect of air flow rate on temperature, syngas composition, and biochar is analysed and it indicates that the temperature in the combustion area and the content of hydrogen and carbon monoxide in the gas increase when the air-flow rate rises.  In contrast, the yield of biochar is decreased.


gasification; husk; air flow rate; syngas; biochar.

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Published by INSIGHT - Indonesian Society for Knowledge and Human Development