Projection Based Region of Interest Segmentation in Breast MRI Images

Sim Kok Swee, Chia Fu Keong, Chong Sze Siang, Tso Chih Peng, Siti Fathimah Abbas, Sarimah Omar


In this paper, a computer aided design auto breast region segmentation system is presented to identify the region of interest (ROI) in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) images. The system is proposed due to the necessary for performing useful postprocessing on the image for breast cancer research and treatment.  Besides, while the ROI is segmented, the image post-processing efficiency of the system is greatly improved.  The vertical and horizontal projections algorithms are employed to refine the breast ROI. The methodology has been applied on 55 sets of Digital Image and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) breast MRI datasets images. The experimental results show that the system is able to segment the breast ROI accurately.


magnetic resonance imaging; breast region; region of interest; segmentation; vertical projection

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