Intuitionistic Fuzzy Hyperhomomorphism and Intuitionistic Fuzzy Normal Subhypergroups

Karema S. Abdulmula, Abdul Razak Salleh


The purpose of this paper is to introduce some basic concepts of intuitionistic fuzzy hyperalgebra. We continue our study of intuitionistic fuzzy hypergroups, by generalising the concept of fuzzy homomorphism and fuzzy normal subgroup based on fuzzy spaces to intuitionistic fuzzy hyperhomomorphism based on intuitionstic fuzzy spaces. We will introduce the notion of an intuitionistic fuzzy quotient hypergroup induced by an intuitionistic fuzzy normal subhypergroup under intuitionistic fuzzy hyperhomomorphism.


Intuitionistic fuzzy hypergroup; Intuitionistic fuzzy normal subhypergroup; Intuitionistic fuzzy quotient hypergroup; Intuitionistic fuzzy hyperhomomorphism

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